The Art of Being® Summer Festival 2019

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The Art of Being® Summer Festival 2019

In English with Czech translation

Dates: July 2-6, 2019
Venue: Hotel Luna, Czech Republic (90km from Prage, see location on the map – beautiful venue with comfortable accommodation, indoor & outdoor swimming, wellness centre, and surrounded by forests)
Price: €280 + food & accommodation
Full information and registrations at


a not-only-Tantra festival, 5th year

5 days opening and awakening to the mystical magic of becoming present in our whole being

♡ 5 days
♡ 24 teacher-guides and musicians
♡ 200 participants
♡ beautiful venue surrounded by nature

There is ordinary presence, the state in which normal healthy people usually live daily life. And there is extraordinary presence, when we are so totally in the here and now that we are alive to “all that I am and all that is”. In this state we become the wide-awake celebration of our whole being. We experience the magic and mystery in existence and we relate with other people with warm-hearted openness. Being so totally here-now we find ourselves not only fully connected and in love with life; we are touched by the boundless – the eternal to which we all belong. We discover the wonder of living TANTRA – MUSIC – DANCE – LOVE – COGNITION. This is the essence of our festival. Come join us on our bon voyage!

Alan Lowen
The Patron, Founder and Guest of Honour of the Art of Being Festival